GDPR & Protection of Personal Data

The  Protection of Personal Data (GDPR) has been effective since May 2018 and LMV AB wishes to inform customers and suppliers of the company’s policies in respect of complying with the legal requirements concerning the protection of personal data.

We register and store the following information in our register for customers and suppliers:  name, e-mail, address, telephone number  and the position persons hold in the compay they represent or are employed by. This information is gathered and used with the purpose to administer  the arrangements we have with our  customers and in accordance with legal requirements. We gather information in order to ensure that we comply with the agreements we have with our customers as well as to enable us to follow up our relationship with our customers and suppliers.

We only gather personal information that you  have chosen to reveal in, for example, e-mails or other documents concerning requests in respect of  employment etc.

It is within your rights to check and correct information we have stored or to request that we delete such information.